Winslow Petrified Wood (AZ Site 37)

by Jerry on March 29, 2012

Directions: You will have no trouble locating Territorial Road, the gravel road of Mitchell’s directions. Note that the collecting area is a checkerboard of state and private ranch land. There is a sign and registration box at the intersection with AZ99 where you can register at no cost to access these lands. Also, McHood Park at Clear Creek Reservoir which you pass on AZ99 is a great place to stay while in the area; and it is free.

Date: March 2012

Notes: We found that wherever there was jasper and agate, there was also petrified wood. This tended to be in the red sandy areas with loose rocks on top. We found some wood almost every time we searched an area like this. Our best results were alongside the road where the stone layer had been disturbed by grading the road bed about 5 miles down the road. We collected at least 50 pounds of wood in a true rainbow of colors, some up to several pounds. We also covered some of the hills south and west of AZ99 near Clear Creek Canyon where we also found scattered wood.

Petrified wood from TerritoriaL Road

Sample of petrified wood from Territorial Road near Winslow

Larger wood

Some of our larger pieces of colorful wood.

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pshiroma January 14, 2013 at 8:35 am

Awesome trip report, Jerry. Thanks.

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