Oatman Fire Agate (AZ Site 4)

by Jerry on November 28, 2010

Directions: The Gem Trails directions are accurate for this site. Look for the claims sign on the north side of the highway and park in the area just below.

Date: November 2010

Notes: We visited the site from nearby Laughlin, NV, on a cool, sunny late fall day. There are multiple claims in the area, but we worked the claim that is directly across from the signed parking area. The were 2 adjacent pits, one 10′ deeper than the other. As the deeper pit was occupied, we worked the other. We met the claim owner, Don Nelson, who instructed us to dig the bottom area, rather than the sides to avoid possible cave-in risk. It took a while to figure out that the chalcedony tended to occur in mud pockets that sometimes were found beneath flat plates of rhyolite. Digging was not hard, but it took patience and a lot of hammer and chisel work. Only a small amount of the chalcedony we dug had fire or color, but finding darker pieces was key. Our largest find, a 100g chunk with a lot of fire but limited color, was found while hiking on the trails that criss-cross the area. This site is listed as a fee dig, but Don did not ask us to pay, possibly because we were accompanied by a friend of his.

100g Oatman fire agate

100g Oatman fire agate, preliminary polish to show color

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