Saddle Mountains (WA Site 45)

by Jerry on May 3, 2010

Directions: Garret’s directions and map are accurate. We were with a long time Saddle Mountain digger who showed us several additional digs beyond those Garret describes. Note that digging is not allowed in some posted areas.

Google Map

Date: May 2010

Notes: We visited this site as a field trip with our club, Central Oregon Rock Collectors. It was a windy weekend in early May and we were nearly blown off the mountain. This tended to reduce our options and enthusiasm for digging, but we came up with some interesting material. There is so much wood on this mountain, that almost anyone who works at it should come away at least partially satisfied. It has been dug for many years and there are pits and tailing piles all over. Find a locale that has been dug relatively recently, pick a spot and dig. We dug up piles of chips and smaller pieces, buckets of tumbling material, some interesting opalized bog, a couple of smaller limbs and one good-sized but fractured small log section. All the wood was opalized, so not great for fine display pieces. Patience is the key here.

View from Saddle Mountain

View from Saddle Mountain

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