Cooks Peak Carnelian (NM Site 68)

by Jerry on March 11, 2009

Directions: The directions in Gem Trails are good with the following updates: County Road A016 is now signed Green Leaf Mine Rd and at 18 miles from NM SR 26 it enters private property with no trespassing signs posted. Also, the mountain is actually spelled Cookes Peak.
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Date: March 2009

Notes: We searched various locations all along the road, starting at 5 miles from SR 26 and all the way to where the private property began. Our take of carnelian consisted of 5 small stones barely big enough to tumble and 3 smaller chips. Most of this was found near the far end of the road. But we found abundant agate and jasper at several locations and even a couple of pieces of petrified wood, one with red stringers. The find of the day was a massive outcrop of red banded rhyolite. This rock has swirls of color and will probably produce sunset scenes when cut into slabs. The outcrop is located on the west side, up a side road about 1/4 mile, at about 7 miles  from the highway (GPS 32 24 29 N; 107 42 23 W).

Mixed bag from Cookes Range

Mixed bag from Cookes Range

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